Day 2 – Home away from home

This is my little set up.

Julie's setup

Today was better.  Lot’s of video chats and I’m so grateful that Josh is doing better today!  Thank you for your prayers, he needs it, we all need it.  I feel great and went on two walks and LOVED it!  The fresh air was so wonderful and the crisp fall weather was a treat.  I plan to spend more time outside tomorrow.  I didn’t expect to feel well during this time.  It’s both good and a tiny bit bad.  I feel well and I am not suffering – GOOD, but then I start feeling idle and useless – tiny bit bad.  So I need to focus on all the things I can do.  Tomorrow I’m going to get back to indexing records on  It’s been years since I did any of that.  I need to have a way to serve the Lord tomorrow.  It will be weeks before I can return to church.  Service will feel good tomorrow.

Today’s blessing:  SUNSHINE and crisp air!!!



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  1. YOU, girlfriend, are AMAZING!
    I’m cheered up just reading your blog. I feel like you are in the best place you could be, body, mind and spirit! Oh, and medically, too. :) Want me to come wave at you through the window?
    I was remembering last night how fun it was to visit teach with you, before you up and married that cute Tom. Now I LIVE in the house we used to come to! Life is always a surprise, isn’t it? Hang in there, things WILL get better!! I’m ready and willing if you need anything. I’m close, too! xoxoxo

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