Day 3 – Sunday, I was radiant today!

Ok, so maybe I need to write these posts in the afternoon instead of at night, I am missing home right now. I tried to make the most of today, study, record indexing online, listening to General Conference, visiting with my parents and my brother (from a distance of course) but alas I miss my Tom and the kids SO much. OK – refocus…stay busier and productive when possible, rest when appropriate, spend more time outside (like a 2 mile walk), and get my sewing machine here so I have something to show for at the end, something to measure my progress with. I DIDN’T PLAN ON FEELING SO GOOD – yes a blessing, but I brought stuff like books and the laptop.  I need to move around, I am used to being on my feet ALL DAY! This is a lot of sitting. I enjoyed a lazy morning in my pajamas, visited with family through the afternoon and by 6:00pm I was ready to freak out a little. The hardest time is missing bedtime with the kids and the evening with Tom (I think I mentioned that yesterday, get used to it, I think you will hear it again). The sunsets and Julie gets antsy.  During the evening I grabbed my brother Michael, (grabbed as in put on rubber gloves in case I needed to touch anything like a door knob, asked him to walk 6 feet in front of me) along with supplies I brought and we headed to the front yard to see just how much I would glow in the dark (with a little help). That was the funnest part of the day, thanks Michael, Mom, Dad, and the Avery’s (who happened to stop by) for all helping me from a distance and making that hour tons of fun.

We broke open some of the bracelets and used an old shirt!

Today’s Blessing: Glow in the dark bracelets – SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Light Bright

Light Bright

A Special Glow

6 Responses to Day 3 – Sunday, I was radiant today!

  1. Wait, so what are the spots on your shirt?? Is that the radioactive stuff glowing or what? I can tell where the glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces are but whats on your shirt?

    I’m so glad you have a place at your parents’ house … keep your chin up!
    We’re all thinking of you.
    Tom is our new home teacher and came over today – what a guy! Even doing his callings on top of everything else. He was in good spirits as always :)

  2. You’re awesome and you crack me up.

  3. Thanks for your posts! I think you are amazing! My fam is praying for you and your family!

  4. Julie Sanders

    Julie, I just keep thinking about you and how amazing you are. I love your positive attitude through all of this and I love hearing about all of the miracles you are experiencing because of your faith. Thanks for being such a great example to me.

  5. Thinking of you Julie! Hang in there! Thanks for keeping us updated on how you’re doing.

    Diane Anderson


    Hi Julie~~
    Thank you so much for sharing your days. I LOVED THE GLOW IN THE DARK pictures~awesome! We are thinking only good thoughts for you & you treasured family. Keep up the smiling~
    Love & miss you XOXOX *_*

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